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HAUS Content Academy brings monthly cases to a community of professionals who believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experience to create great content.

As digital and content marketing continues to evolve, we saw the need to provide professionals with information and support to keep abreast of the latest technology and trends by discussing own and other cases around content marketing and visual storytelling.


We've only just started! Our vision is to provide you with the information you need when you need it. Or do you have an interesting case that you want to share with our members, please contact us.

How to share your own case!

Do you have an interesting case yourself and would you like to share it with all other Academy members, please contact me via the button below.

We take the necessary steps with your material ourselves to make it a beautiful presentable whole.

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Make your choice from the cases below

How do you use content to get more leads!

As a professional, you know that the power of content has a major impact on the results of your marketing campaign. Many companies have already made good content for years, but don't think too much about how they can use or reuse it in generating leads and sales.

Inbound marketing ensures that your content is the lead

takes within your marketing story.

Customers get to know you through what you are good at

and not just by purchasing social media advertisements.

Do you want to know how we use Inbound Marketing for our customers

Then take a look at our white paper !

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