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A professional approach to your content creation and social media marketing.

We help you with your marketing and targeted content. Do you need an efficient approach and sustainable growth?
Discover how HAUS marketing studio offers companies and organizations content and realize a successful campaign with it

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HAUS Marketingstudio is a leading expert in creating, publishing, analyzing and optimizing targeted content and marketing. We offer expertise to successfully guide your company through the extensive marketing channels.

"open the door straight to heaven"

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Have your content created

We help companies achieve business success and grow by leveraging  unique content within an online marketing strategy. We create all content ourselves that is necessary to achieve the desired result from your social media campaign.

Managing Your Social Media

Stay one step ahead of your competition, deepen the connection with your customers and

reach your target audience! We develop an analytical and strategic plan for this, create the right content and share this on social media via a media planning.

Your marketing strategy

Inbound marketing uses social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing.


We are experts in this and are ready to guide you in this by determining the right strategy together with you.

Your Emails campaign

Targeted email marketing is an extension of your social media strategy and is used for targeted and personalized email campaigns.

Retargeting and special action events.

We create customer experiences that our customers expect from us.

Growth Cards is one of our clients for which we have developed a BtoC and BtoB campaign.
Listen to Frederic's experience during our collaboration. 

Transparency is very important to us when working with our customers

We have developed 4 routes for this 

so that you always know what to expect from us.  


Download our 4 Trajectory prices via the button below 

In this Route overview we explain to you:

What we can do for you as online experts;

Why it is an added value for your organization;

How we work with our marketing strategy;

How to get more return from your online channel:

A summary of recently realized cases !

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What we have in common is that social media must pay off and we like to show that through the right advertising solution

by combining visual storytelling and inbound marketing techniques, resulting in

desired returns on advertising budgets.

For us, social media advertising is more than just buying ads.

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We don't just design brands, we create exciting first impressions

that complement your brand's unique story.

Stories that tell who you are and make everyone want to discover you.

We can look back on years of experience in visual storytelling, branding & design within different sectors

as  BtoB, BtoC, Direct Marketing, Retail Marketing, & Entertainment Marketing.

Content is the basis for a successful social media process.

All  knowledge in house

We work with the best people, each with their expertise in content marketing, strategy, concept, design, copywriting, photography & video,

social media advertising.

Content marketing is crucial for the growth of your business and can sometimes become very complex. That is why we ensure that you as a customer do not have to worry about which content will achieve the most results, we keep it clear and transparent for you.

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We are proud of our results and would like to thank our customers for that too

Emotion Marketing

A product with a double slant

During the past year, various target groups have come to the fore within our society and there is a noticeable trend towards recognition. Volunteers are one of these groups that deserved the necessary attention.  

HAUS responded to this target group.

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Retail Marketing

The result of a  stories campaign

Due to the great success of the online BtoC campaign , our customer decided to expand his network  and was looking for a solution to improve his product  more spacious  to put on the market.  Despite the pandemic and the limited shopping options, it was decided to focus on Instore merchandising.

A BtoB online advertising campaign with a clear story was the best solution for this  appropriate solution. 

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To answer the question of your target audience

Infraligne is one of the many fitness companies in our country. Due to the changing society, there is much more demand for healthy living in combination with exercise. Infraligne wants to respond to this demand by approaching and monitoring their customers in a much more personal way. This requires an adjustment in strategy and look and feel to keep the company strong and competitive.


Hospitality Marketing

How to get into the hospitality industry with original

content can reach your target audience

Food is linked to emotion, just think what food can do to yourself or how people adapt their eating behavior to the situation they are in or want to find themselves in!  Food can bring joy, die, passion or comfort 


Visual storytelling

Visual storytelling is emotional,

connects, inspires and stimulates

Every company, product or brand needs a story to be successful. People want to hear why they want to buy your product so much.

By using visual storytelling you lay a strong foundation for successful communication .

For 15 years we have been using our expertise for both  the BtoB, BtoC and entertainment world.


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It's never too late to learn
Content Academy brings cases to a community of professionals who believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experience to create great content.
Register without obligation and
Read every month how brands
dealing with inbound marketing,  visual storytelling and social media marketing.
Stefaan Haudenhuyse is founder of HAUS Content Academy and Award winning designer.

HAUS Content Academy for  professionals  who believe in the
power of sharing content and knowledge.

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Get advice during a
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Request a call appointment without obligation with stefaan, owner of HAUS design studio. Then discover together what the possibilities are for your organization.
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