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Through a story campaign , Groeikaarten found its way into the market of creative ecological greeting cards aimed at volunteers and socially oriented target groups. By sending a friend wishes via growth cards you make him happy twice because your card can transform into a bunch of flowers, who wouldn't want to connect with that!


Due to the great success of the online campaign, Groeikaarten decided to expand its network  and was looking for a solution to put his product on the market.

Despite the pandemic and the limited possibilities of shopping, it was decided to bet on  

In-store merchandising. 

The result of a story campaign
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In-store merchandising the right tool for Retail Marketing

In-store visual merchandising includes everything from your storefront to  product displays .

The idea is to organize your products and your store to draw attention to the right products at the right time, using for example displays and maps to get results. In - store merchandising is always accompanied by a pre - running online advertising campaign .

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Convince dealers to choose a PRODUCT MERCHANDISING through an online advertising campaign

During the UBA Trends Day we received confirmation of our own vision.

Targeting a small audience with a personal and relevant message clearly pays off.  In my opinion, personalized content marketing was the appropriate strategy to address dealers online in this story.

How do you find such a small target group

We made this decision because we had access to sufficient high-quality customer data from an online story campaign ' social commerce' that we initially set up, from which it was clear which customers respond to this type of advertisement. From this we were able to conclude which stores were eligible to compose a target group. The result was that within 4 weeks of advertising we were already able to find 64 dealers to join this story together.


Meanwhile, everyone thinks that we only want to shop online, but it turns out that 81% of young people up to 24 years old prefer to shop physically. It appears that we still find a combination of online information and offline shopping important. Social contact will remain an important factor that should certainly be taken into account in the coming year. Katrina Dodd, trend watcher at Contagious , recommends that brands include that in their e-commerce. She calls it ' social commerce' .

Do you think that a story can also grow your brand or product, but are you not quite sure how to do this?  or are you looking for a specialist who can make adjustments where possible? Please feel free to contact us without obligation!

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