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Branding of
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Infraligne is one of the many fitness companies in our country. For more than 10 years, the Infraligne concept has been attractive, especially to women who want to work on their excess centimeters. But due to the changing society, there is much more demand for healthy living in combination with exercise. Infraligne wants to respond to this demand by approaching and monitoring their customers in a much more personal way. This requires an adjustment in strategy to keep the company strong and competitive.

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rebranding is not just changing your logo

Shaping brand identity  is more than just adjusting your logo and website, it's a turnaround in one  thought process  which influences your company, employees but especially your target audience. Targeting a distinctly small target group is the trend for 2021 .  

We make sure our customers miss us

It is now clear that we need social contact to live happily, while still holding on to our own personal values.

In the fitness sector, personality is very important, working on your appearance and your personal IK is one of the main goals. Even though we like to go to a well-known fitness club, we usually stay within our own bubble. Personal guidance from a coach is therefore indispensable during and after exercise. We notice that this will be extended on all platforms in 2021. It is therefore worth considering taking this with you  in your communication strategy.  The focus is much more on personal direct communication and this within small effective target groups .

How we sell the Infraligne product

The communication is split into two parts including  branding and communication strategy d irect marketing strategy, including branding see I give a face to sell the story, you will notice this and reflect on your target audience, by the way .... it is shown that only people you associate with something or someone like them have seen you at least 27 times. The second strategy is Direct marketing, in which you prove that the product does indeed deliver the desired results that you expect as a customer.


Another important fact is that you must dare to invest in your marketing strategy and stick to it as planned. It is not the likes that may determine whether you will continue to advertise or stop, it is your predetermined content planning that keeps the reins. Allowing for a few months to advertise successfully is certainly not a must.

Do you think that a story can also grow your brand or product, but are you not quite sure how to do this?  or are you looking for a specialist who can make adjustments where possible? Please feel free to contact us without obligation!

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