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in catering marketing  must be surprising

How to reach your target group in an original way in the catering industry

Many catering operators have been forced to switch to a take-away service to survive during the Covid pandemic. An obvious step, but is it so obvious and how are you going to tell your (new) customers!  

Emotion marketing is an exceptionally strong tool that can be used to influence your target groups.

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emotion marketing as top of mind

Food is linked to emotion, just think what food can do to yourself or how people adapt their eating behavior to the situation they are in or want to find themselves in! 

Food can bring joy, die, passion or comfort 


So you can say that emotion is a good basis to build and - very important - maintain a relationship with a brand. A brand that touches the heart of the consumer is guaranteed to have a place in the head! Yet emotions are not used in a strategic way enough.


It is therefore important that we can influence the customer's (purchase) behavior through emotion. Did you know that research has shown that our purchasing decisions are based on emotion for 95 percent.

At Tybeert we work on the feeling you get when you think of a pizza, since Tybeert is already known for its high-quality dishes, this was not an issue to build a strong story with.

A visually recognizable image in a known situation and this in combination with a strong copy ensures that the Tybeert brand is subconsciously linked to emotion .


Responding to endearment can cause the customer to develop a soft spot for the product or brand. Using the right mix and right integration in a campaign ensures that the brand stays Top of Mind with your customers and therefore has a great chance of success.  

Do you think that emotion marketing can also grow your brand or product, but you can't quite figure out how to do this  or are you looking for a specialist who can make adjustments where possible? Please feel free to contact us without obligation!

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