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Content marketing and visual storytelling can be seen as twins, they cannot be separated in any situation. They reinforce each other and ensure that your product stays in the mind of your target group for longer.  

Storytelling seems to be a new trend in marketing for many, but it has been around as long as humanity has existed.

Within the entertainment world , visual storytelling or scenography is one of the three pillars of a successful production . Nowhere else has visual storytelling had such an impact than in a theater proposal until we started telling our stories online. More and more we tell our stories through forms such as images, videos, animations.....

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Visual storytelling moves, connects, inspires and stimulates

Visual storytelling helps you to connect with your target audience. It helps tell a story in a way that suits you and your target audience. In stories we find our common values and share emotions. It helps brands tell and convey their story to their audience in a catchy way.

Visual storytelling may be a trend, but not only of this time.

In the musical 14-18 and 40-45 we have taken on the entire visual storytelling process, which means that everything you see is conceptually conceived and designed by us. About the content of the two world wars there should be no doubt that this is known and touches us all, but without the support of the visual storytelling the script would never have been so strong and the performance never so successful. You cannot tell emotion, you have to experience emotion and you do this by looking and experiencing . Visual content is often used as a mirror to your own target group.

In the meantime, more than 750,000 visitors have been able to experience and experience the story. Visually strong scene changes have been created so that the audience literally ends up in the story, by paying so much attention to the visual aspect of the story (story = product) this remains in the minds of visitors.

In content marketing we call this " keeping your product (story) top of mind ".

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Keeping your product top of mind

By creating unique content you stay in the consciousness of your consumer.

'Top of mind awareness' is a term coined by Ellis Verdi, former president of the US National Retail Advertisers Council. He noted that most marketers mistakenly try to achieve their promotional goals through discounts, a short-term cash flow solution. The problem with sales, he said, was that it reduces the value of the product. Unlike sales, top-of-mind awareness influences consumers to think of your company or product first to meet their needs above all others.  

The production house studio100 has the same way of thinking when we talk about content creation, by constantly pushing their boundaries they stay ahead of the competition, so that they build a form of trust with their consumers and therefore make the sale of products much smoother. The greater your content quality, the greater the consumer's trust in your product

First, we have to agree that when we buy something, be it a car, piece of clothing, merchandising, or a theater ticket, the decision-making process is always the same: we choose products based on how high we place them in our subconscious mind. Of course, rankings are influenced by many factors (quality, price, etc.) and there is one caveat: being top of mind doesn't just translate into sales, but the higher the brand excels, the better it is for your Brand awareness.


Your content has to be right to be experienced as beautiful by the right target audience.

Even harder than getting recognition and getting into people's consciousness is staying there. Not everyone who sees your brand today will buy your product now. According to a survey , 34% or more than a third of consumers buy a product (a major purchase, such as a car or an expensive appliance) between seven and 12 months from the time they first considered buying it. In this regard, “top-of-mind” awareness is the time between the potential consumer who first considers buying the product to when he or she finally decides to buy it. Which means you'll have to keep working on it.

How? Once you've identified a potential consumer, stay in touch, but don't bother him/her. Be helpful by providing free information about the product or something the customer can benefit from. And keep spreading your unique content wisely through the various online platforms. 

Do you think that a unique story can also grow your brand or product, but are you not quite sure how to do this?  or are you looking for a specialist who can make adjustments where possible? Please feel free to contact us without obligation!

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