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To formulate
Sales funnel


Together we determine the overarching content marketing strategy (online and offline). We take the time to record the objectives, the USPs for the target groups, the channels (online and offline)… in an overarching content marketing strategy. Together we bring one line in your communication online (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest).

content plan


Together we translate the strategy into a content plan for your social media, based on a content calendar.  The content strategy is poured into a content plan and calendar with concrete topics, publication dates and the appropriate social media channels. We bring a common thread in your online communication and plan everything...



Creating videos, social media posts, customer cases, e-books, … Would you like help with content creation? Then you can appeal
do on our creative team (copywriters, video crew, graphic designers, ...)

To advertise


Post and advertise the content on your social media and website. Create and send out

e-newsletters.  By advertising on social media you can tap into new target groups, collect more leads and increase your brand awareness. We draw up the advertising strategy, set up the online advertising campaigns, budget and report.



Everything is measurable online. We monitor the figures in order to achieve the desired objectives. You want more quotes, more leads for your sales team, and boost your brand awareness and image. HAUS does not like a finger-in-the-air approach, but monitors the impact of your content marketing, website and social media through analyses.

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